Privacy Policy for Campus Virtual

General information about browser cookies

Web pages often need to store some information in our Internet Browser: e.g. to identify us as users, to remember previous settings, previous accesses, or to customize our experience.

Browser Cookies are the most used tool to do that (although there are some others). Cookies are tiny text files stored in our own device, linked to the website that produced them at first, and they're send in every access to that website.

They are essential for many services to work properly, and they provide important advantages for users. On the other hand, Cookies can be used to track our activity by advertisement providers and social networks, like Facebook or Twitter.

When you access to a website, aside from the content of the site and its genuine cookies, you coud be downloading information from other sites, advertisements, social networks or other third parties. By default, browsers allow those other websites to manage their own cookies, called "Third Party Cookies". This way, these companies can gather our browsing habits

Different types of cookies

Wher use diferent type of cookies to make Campus Virtual work.

Cookie Category Example

We use security cookies to verify users, to avoid fraud using login credentials and to protect your data from being accessed by unauthorized users.

As an example, we use this cookies named

  • "CV_UC_id"
  • "{00387571-796C-43e0-92CA-D52F20F41295}"
  • "__AjaxRequestVerificationToken_*"
  • "__RequestVerificationToken"

containing encripted IDS and user related information. These cookies combined allow us to block several kinds of attack, such as read or modify the content you write into the forms.

Session status

These are useful cookies that store information about the way a user uses the website. This information may include the most frecuently used pages, or some error messages stored to show later. We use "Session status cookies" to improve our services to give a better browsing experience for users. If these cookies are deleted, the website keeps working, but they feel easier to use if present.

As an example, we use the "UcCvInformacion" to store the type of user you are for your next visit (Student, Teacher, Staff).

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