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Company Profile User Manual Versión en castellano English version
Applicant profile user manual Versión en castellano English version
User's manual for calls for researcher offers Versión en castellano English version
User's manual for calls for offers for Administrative and Services Personnel (PAS) Versión en castellano English version


The job offers will be published on the website of the UC Placement Agency.

Instructions for candidates

In order to apply for a job offer, you must be registered in this Web of the Placement Agency and have your CV as updated as possible.

You will be able to make your profile more attractive to recruiters according to your skills or qualification profile.

The Profile area page shows you the applications you have submitted and the job application status

Once the selection process is finalised, you will receive a follow-up email.

Instructions for companies

To be able to publish a job offer you must be registered in the Job Placement Agency's website. Once the offer has been validated by COIE staff, it will be made public and the selection process will be initiated. Once the registration period is closed, the company may evaluate candidates´ resumes in its personal area.

Subsequently, the selected person must be notified by entering his/her personal area (My job offers), and click on the icon on the offer to be closed. "Resolve".


The job offers of temporary selection of personnel will be published both on the board of the website of the UC PAS section as well as on this website belonging to the UC placement agency.

Both the publication of offers and the registration must be done from this website belonging to the UC placement agency.

Each of the acts derived from this process will be published in the bulletin board of the University of Cantabria, Government Pavilion, Avenida de los Castros s/n, Santander and in the following website:

Documentation to be attached by candidates

Registered candidates must attach the following documentation:

  • Academic and professional curriculum, according to the specific model for this call.
  • Supporting documentation of the merits described in the resume.

Instructions for applicants

In the calls for researchers, in addition to registering on the Agency's website, the candidate must attach the documentation detailed below and send it by email to the address indicated on the job offer:

The minutes of the appointment decision can be downloaded from the candidate's personal area in (My Registrations), call and sub-section documentation.

Instructions for the departments

To publish a research job offer, you must be registered in the Placement Agency's website.

You will be required to fill in the required three sections and all the mandatory data marked on the form.

Once the offer publication data has been validated by the COIE staff, you will be able to view all the published offers, download the conditions for participation in the call and the Curriculum Vitae of the candidates that are applying.

The documentation to be provided by the candidate (application, ID card, qualifications and alleged merits), will be sent by email to the email address set in the call for applications.

Subsequently, the selected candidate will be notified by clicking on the option icon “Resolve” on your personal profile “My job offers”.

You will also have to download the screening and evaluation minutes, fill them in and upload it to the platform to make them visible to all the candidates registered at a certain offer.